Climate Change and Sustainability Research Showcase

On the 7th of July, I attended a network event where Welsh universities showcased their research around climate change and sustainability. The event was hosted by the Climate Change Commission for Wales and aimed to demonstrate the efforts of universities in terms of their leadership in tackling these issues.

Going beyond interdisciplinary boundaries was the main message of the event.

John Griffiths, AM, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development supported the showcase by presenting his new manifesto. He addressed that Wales has an innovative approach on climate change and this has to be scaled across Wales. He stated that investment in these four areas is key:

  1. Carbon free environment
  2. Efficient building
  3. R&D in technology
  4. Research in Climate change

He pointed out that it is not only about universities, but also about making links, cooperating and share best practice. “By working together we can solve business issues.”


The speech was supported by the following three cases:


John Griffiths is the new minister for environment and sustainable development and is responsible for controversial issues like badger culls and wind farms. This is interesting for the karim project that addresses controversial technologies by responsible innovation.


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